Catharsis is a clothing brand stemming from the healing of emotions through custom hand painted denim jackets and bleached band tees. It is the ultimate punk rock experience from a cathartic process.. because what's more punk than healing from past trauma. LOL. Lex [Owner & Artist]: "I’m an avid thrifter and have turned some of my k i l l e r finds into resale works of ART. Catharsis is the purification of emotions through art and/or music resulting in renewal and relief, which is exactly how this brand came to be and is now currently running. For any of my fellow metalheads, queue Catharsis by Motionless in White (so much love for this song) for a better understanding. I hope you enjoy your stay here, whether it’s for your personal viewing pleasure or to invest in custom Catharsis pieces. I appreciate you all for the support. These are much more than just clothes to me, they’re a safe space to heal and grow." xx Lex ♡