Meet Your Artist

What the hell is up? I'm Lex! I have had a love for creativity and fashion since day one. When I was a kid I would sit and draw mock-up sketches of clothes I wish I had, and at the time it happened to be a lot of princess gowns LOLLLL. I remember using my mom's sewing machine too and eventually getting my own, come to find out that I am absolutely awful at measurements and sewing. Hell, I even ended up going to fashion design school for a whole semester hahaha. Okay, that part of the fashion industry wasn’t for me, but the point is this has always been in my blood. I was just never able to niche down until I became overly inspired/motivated (music, punk culture, healing, etc.) and found my love for fabric painting. Oh and then another mile of getting over my fear of judgment and failure. Catharsis was born. Handpainted and bleached custom works of art.

I am many things that I suppose make me an entrepreneur (although I feel that label is thrown around and overused). I am a small business owner (hi come get eyelash extensions from me), a freelance social media manager/strategist, low-key photographer, aspiring YouTuber (maybe), artist (shop my work here), and honestly I’m probably forgetting something, but good enough. Haha. Some say I model too, but if I’m being honest I hate being referred to as a model because 1. it is NOT a career for me, it is a hobby and 2. even when I was signed to an agency, I felt like people glamorized it and tbh I was no different and it wasn’t glamorous (because nothing in WI is glamorous lmao). Rant over.

Anyways, that's ya girl in a nutshell... a coffee loving, concert junkie in the midwest. I could talk music for hours, so hit me up if you wanna vibe or hey, check out my playlists for starters! Maybe i'll catch you at a show someday (hopefully). Enjoy your stay here at Catharsis ♡